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061 What's Up in Smoke: The State of Pipe Meetups

March 09, 2023
Get Piped Podcast
061 What's Up in Smoke: The State of Pipe Meetups
Show Notes

Well met friends! In this episode of the Get Piped Podcast, Adam and Nick discuss the importance and state of pipe meet ups

The  “What’s Up In Smoke” series captures all of the “one-off” episodes on the GPP. They can range from important announcements, to pipe shows, and everything else in between! This series gives Adam and Nick the freedom to discuss, well, what’s up in smoke(ing)!


Chatting (00:00-08:35)

What's Up In Smoke (08:35-01:12:45)

LOTP (1:12:45-1:37:10)

This or That (1:37:10-1:45:15)

Closings (1:45:15-1:50:31)

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