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066 One (Smoke) Ring to Rule Them All: Tobaccos of the Shire

April 13, 2023
Get Piped Podcast
066 One (Smoke) Ring to Rule Them All: Tobaccos of the Shire
Show Notes

Well met friends! In this episode of the Get Piped Podcast, Adam and Nick  discuss the types of tobaccos mentioned in Tolkien’s Legendarium.

In this series, Adam and Nick will dive into the Tolkien legendarium, looking at everything pipe related in the books and the movies! They want to capture and pay tribute to this magnificent piece of fantasy by discussing lore, quotations, histories, and even add our their theories and fantasies.


Chatting (00:00-12:30)

Pipe Dreams (12:30-44:22)

Over Under (44:44-1:04:55)

Are You Smarter than a Pipe Smoker? (1:05:22-1:15:13)

Closings (1:15:13-1:20:48)

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